About the Campaign

Reset the Code is a student-driven change initiative at the University of Oregon. Though Reset is not political, the initiative was created in response to newly heightened levels of fear and hate. A collective of students saw the opportunity to create change, and decided to help the community rally around a higher standard of respect. We encourage all members of this community to join us and reset.

If you need to be connected to university resources please visit respect.uoregon.edu


Reset the Code would not have been possible without the brave and unwavering support of our partners, both on and off campus. We would like to express our sincerest thanks to the following groups and individuals who have dedicated time, money, and support to this initiative:

Division of Student Life
DivisionĀ of Equity and Inclusion
Univeristy Communications
Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management
Rehearsals for Life
Scheduling and Events
Major Student Events
City of Eugene

Campus Copy
Digital Communications
Athletic Department
Provost Office
University Housing
The Duck Store
Campus Operations
Pac-12 Network
Women's Center

The team

Stefan Boehmer
Tylynn Burns
Chandler Carroll
Aven-itza De Primavera
Ricardo Gomez
Stephanie Hastings
Amelia Inouye
Cameron KokesĀ 
Spencer Kupish
Hannah Lewman
Turner Maxwell

Brandon Montes-Nguyen
Will Nielsen
Raquel Ortega
Femke Paanakker
Tyler Robinson
Pauline Rode
Sonali Sampat
Sarah Vella-Labrador
Thuc Vinh